Presentation guidelines

Additional Information for MABS Presentations

A draft program will be posted by August 16, 2018.  At least one presenter from each accepted contribution must register for the conference in order to be included in the final program. The final deadline for late registration is August 26, 2018. There will be no on-site registration.

Oral Presentations

The duration of each oral presentation timeslot in the technical program is 20 minutes. Presentations should be approximately 15 minutes each to allow time for discussion.  The question period and control of time will be monitored by the session chair.

Your presentation file must be in a single Microsoft PowerPoint file, including all text, graphics and videos. We suggest using a minimum font size of 20 pt.

Please bring your presentation on a USB and provide it to the technician on site. You will be asked to verify the slideshow on the upload computer. A separate dedicated computer will be used to run presentations in the lecture hall. The use of personal laptops for presentations is not possible.

Poster Presentations

Presentation of a poster provides an opportunity for effective one-to-one communication. The longer presentation time of the poster session enables you to present a more in-depth description and discussion of your work. One author is required to be present throughout the duration of the poster session to represent the paper.

To ensure a successful poster presentation:

  • Please put your poster up during the specified time period. Note there are no facilities for audio/video support.
  • Your poster must correspond to paper title, author list, and technical content of the full MABS paper submitted.
  • For a neat and clean look, your posters will be printed for you and will be present at the MABS 25 venue for your convenience. In order to do so accurately, the poster requirements are:
    • Format: A0 (1189 x 841 mm)
    • Layout: Portrait
    • File: PDF
    • Bleed: minimum 3 mm
  • Posters should be designed for clear viewing from a distance of beyond 1 m so that they can be viewed by a number of people at the same time.
  • To ensure visual effectiveness of your poster, use large lettering for the text and provide supporting figures/tables. The layout and formatting is at the discretion of the author.
  • To ensure readability, we recommend avoiding ALL CAPS and font sizes below 18 pt.  For the main text, we suggest using a minimum font size of 24-32 pt. Other typical font sizes are 72 – 100 pt for paper title, 48 – 60 pt for authors/institutions, and 36 – 48 pt for section headings.
  • You are requested to remove your poster immediately after the close of the poster session.